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Understanding Parenting the Love and Logic Way

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No one ever said parenting is easy, though there are some approaches to parenting that can create more positive interactions within your household. Whether you are a new parent or you are facing the battles of raising a teenager, you might consider Parenting the Love and Logic Way, which is a unique approach to communicating with children that can empower them while allowing them to learn through their mistakes. At Lee’s Summit Physician’s Group Pediatrics, you can discover what Love and Logic might bring to your family with an ongoing seminar taking place between January and February of 2016. Below you can see more of what to expect from this program, which might give you a new start in the New Year.

The Love and Logic Philosophy
Love and Logic is a way of raising children with effective communication that establishes parents as authority figures, rather than enablers. Through Love and Logic, children learn to accept the consequences of their own choices as parents provide support to let kids grow from their mistakes. This instills a sense of responsibility in children while creating a healthy family dynamic. Love and Logic can help children develop important skills that can help them both personally and professionally as they grow.

Goals of the Program
One of the distinctive benefits of Love and Logic is that it is never too late to begin utilizing the program with your family. As you begin to adopt Love and Logic techniques, you will work toward goals of setting enforceable rules in your household, staying calm when kids act out, and avoiding power struggles.

In addition to parenting workshops like Love and Logic, Lee’s Summit Physicians Group Pediatrics can provide exceptional pediatric care near Lee’s Summit with services including physicals, newborn checkups, immunizations, and pediatric urgent care. To reach our children’s doctors in Lee’s Summit, call (816) 524-5600. You can also reach us at Raintree Pediatrics by calling (816) 525-4700, or at Blue Springs Pediatrics by calling (816) 554-6520.

Spotlight on Dr. Gershon

Dr. Gershon is a board certified pediatrician who received his degree from the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas city in 2001. He completed his pediatric residency at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky in 2004 and joined our practice later that same year. Dr. Gershon chose pediatric medicine because working with kids and their parents gives him rewarding challenges that can’t be found in other fields of medicine. Dr. Gershon enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.

Setting a Healthy Sleep Schedule for Your Baby's First Year

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During the first year of life, your baby will spend most of her time sleeping. Babies may sleep up to 18 hours per day, though they will only sleep for shorter periods of about three to four hours until they get a little older and establish a consistent nighttime sleep routine. This pediatrician article will take a closer look at how to set up a healthy sleep regimen for your baby so that the transition to a nighttime sleep schedule goes smoothly later on.

Create the Right Sleep Environment
Whether your baby sleeps in her own room, a sibling’s room, or in your room, she should have a crib or bassinet all to herself. There are many potential dangers that can arise when infants share a crib or a baby sleeps in the parental bed, so you should have a dedicated sleeping area for your baby and be sure to put your baby on her back when you lay her down to sleep. As your baby wakes in the night for feedings, be sure to keep the lights low and retain a quiet environment during these breaks in nightly sleep.

Look for Landmarks in Your Baby’s Sleep Development
By about four months, you should see your baby showing a preference for longer sleep sessions at night. At five to six months in age, babies start to tolerate longer periods of sleep of up to six hours without needing to be fed. If your baby is not following these patterns, you should talk to your pediatrician about your infant’s sleeping habits.

Build a Consistent Bedtime Routine
Even at just one or two months old, babies will respond positively to a bedtime routine. You might choose to sing a bedtime song, tell a story, or give your baby a bath each night before going to bed.

As you prepare to welcome your baby, call Lee’s Summit Physicians Group Pediatrics at one of our three pediatric offices to schedule a prenatal consultation in Lee’s Summit with a baby doctor. You can reach the kids doctor Lee’s Summit Physicians Group Pediatrics at (816) 524-5600, Raintree Pediatrics at (816) 525-4700, or Blue Springs Pediatrics at (816) 554-6520.

What Parents Need to Know About the Varicella Vaccine

If your pediatrician has talked to you about the varicella vaccine, also known as the chickenpox vaccine, you may wonder if this is really a necessary vaccine in an already long list of immunizations. However, while chickenpox may seem innocuous, it can be serious for some children, and the vaccine offers important protection.

Watch this video to learn about the varicella vaccine and why your children’s doctor will recommend it. It removes the risk of serious infection and helps to prevent shingles later in life, as pediatricians can tell you.

If you have questions about this vaccine or any immunization, talk to a pediatrician serving Lee’s Summit and the surrounding area. Call Lee’s Summit Physicians Group at (816) 524-5600, Raintree Pediatrics at (816) 524-4700, or Blue Springs Pediatrics at (816) 554-6520 for an appointment.

Tips for Finding the Right Doctor for Your Baby

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The relationship between you and your baby’s doctor is an incredibly important part of your child’s wellbeing. For the best possible newborn care, you need a pediatrician that is not only knowledgeable in the field but that you also feel comfortable with. Not every children’s doctor has the same outlook on newborn care, so finding one that shares your views matters. Here are some tips for finding the right pediatrician for your baby.

Start Early
The search for a pediatrician should start long before you go into labor. Research pediatricians in your area and ask friends for advice. Narrow down your search to a few candidates, and then start exploring which practice takes your insurance, so you can rule out any that don’t fit your plan. Your obstetrician may also be able to provide tips about pediatricians that his or her patients have good experiences with.

Set Up a Pre-Natal Consultation
Arrange pre-natal consultations with the pediatricians you are considering. During these visits, you get an opportunity to meet the doctor and see how the practice functions. This is a good time to understand what to expect from newborn care, including when you should have your first visit. Take this chance to ask your pediatrician about his or her outlook on issues that are important to you, such as immunizations or specialty care. You should feel comfortable talking to the doctor and feel like your questions and concerns were patiently addressed. If not, consider another doctor.

Remember Convenience
During your child’s first year in particular, you will attend many appointments. Choose a pediatrics practice that is close to your home and that operates during hours that fit your schedule. It will be easier to get the care your child needs when the office is convenient for your location and schedule.

At Lee’s Summit Physicians Group Pediatrics and our sister practices, Raintree Pediatrics and Blue Springs Pediatrics, we welcome pre-natal consultations near Lee’s Summit. Make your appointment today by calling Lee’s Summit at (816) 524-5600, Raintree Pediatrics at (816) 524-4700, or Blue Springs Pediatrics at (816) 554-6520.

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