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Lee's Summit Physicians Group Pediatrics Section offers Personalized, Preventive, and Primary Care for infants, children and adolescents.

How a Pediatrician Can Help Keep Your Child Healthy

Pediatric VisitThe relationship you establish with a pediatrician serving Lee’s Summit can significantly impact the health of your child from the moment he is born to when he reaches adulthood. Outside of parents, pediatric care specialists typically have the greatest influence on the wellbeing of children, as they can protect them from disease and oversee their growth.

At your family doctor appointments, your pediatrician can administer immunizations that strongly protect against life-threatening illnesses such as measles, whooping cough, and polio. Your pediatrician is also an expert on normal childhood development, so if he notices any unusual behavior, such as poor eye contact or sound response, it may reveal vision or hearing problems. The sooner these issues are addressed, the better quality of life your child can enjoy.

Let Lee’s Summit Physicians Group help you foster your child’s best health. For an appointment, call (816) 524-5600. We also offer pediatric care through Raintree Pediatrics and Blue Springs Pediatrics. To get in touch with our pediatricians at those offices, call (816) 525-4700 or (816) 554-6520.

Spotlight on Dr. Leivian!

Dr. Leivian is a board certified pediatrician who graduated from the University of Missouri in 2009. She completed her residency at Missouri Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Columbia, Missouri in 2012. Dr. Leivian chose the field of medicine because she has always had an interest in the function (and dysfunction) of the human body. Medicine allows her to continue studying what she loves while applying it in a practical way to help her patients maintain healthy and happy lives. Dr. Leivian enjoys reading, theater and spending time with family and friends.

Questions to Ask at a Prenatal Pediatrician Consultation

Expectant MotherBefore your little one makes his arrival, it is important to choose a pediatrician serving Lee’s Summit. Though your obstetrician may be able to offer advice about newborn care, once your child is born, his wellbeing should be looked after by a professional trained in pediatric care. Many pediatricians offer prenatal consultations so that you can meet with them before selecting a physician for your baby. During these appointments, come prepared to ask the following questions:

What are your credentials?
Knowing the professional background of a pediatrician can help you decide if his expertise and affiliations meet your standards. During your prenatal consultations, you might want to inquire about where the doctor went to medical school or had his residency. You may also want to ask about his American Board of Pediatrics certification. If you are already aware of an ailment that your unborn baby has or might develop, you should also discuss his ability to manage and treat that particular health condition.

Do you have patient testimonials?
As qualified as a prospective pediatrician may be, a bedside manner that suits your expectations and your child’s needs is also important. One way that you can ascertain if a baby doctor’s demeanor matches your requirements is to assess it through patient testimonials. At your prenatal consultations, see if the pediatrician in question can provide statements from past or present patients that highlight his manner of engagement with his patients.

What are your pediatric urgent care options?
If at any point your child suffers from a high fever or another serious condition that may require urgent care, you should know where to turn for immediate help. So when vetting prospective baby doctors, ask about their pediatric urgent care services. Should an injury or illness call for more extensive medical treatment, you may also want to inquire about a pediatrician’s hospital affiliations. Not only can these answers help you decide between children’s doctors, but they can also give you peace of mind about your child’s future care.

Lee’s Summit Physicians Group, Blue Springs Pediatrics, and Raintree Pediatrics all offer prenatal consultations. For more information, call Lee’s Summit Physicians Group at (816) 524-5600, Blue Springs Pediatrics at (816) 554-6520, or Raintree Pediatrics at (816) 525-4700. Our pediatric care experts would be happy to address your questions and concerns.

Meet Julie Kirkpatrick, C-P.N.P.

Julie graduated from Central Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Julie worked at Egelston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta and Children’s Mercy Hospital before pursuing her graduate degree at the University of Missouri Kansas City. Julie has worked as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Lee’s Summit Physicians Group since 2005. Julie very much enjoys providing care to children and finds her discussions with them often give her encouragement and sometimes a good laugh. Julie enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

What to Expect at Your Baby's Six-Month Pediatrician Visit

Your infant’s six-month pediatrician visit is the last of his monthly baby doctor checkups. This video explains the typical topics discussed and actions taken by a pediatrician serving Lee’s Summit during this appointment.

Your pediatrician will likely make sure that your infant is current with all of his recommended immunizations. He may also give your baby a general evaluation to determine if he is meeting the usual developmental milestones for that age. During this visit, ask your pediatrician any questions you may have, as your next recommended checkup isn’t until your infant turns nine months old.

To schedule your baby’s next checkup, call Lee’s Summit Physicians Group at (816) 524-5600. You can also meet with a baby doctor at Blue Springs Pediatrics or Raintree Pediatrics. For these locations, call (816) 554-6520 or (816) 525-4700.

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