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Understanding Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety

Whether you are traveling down the street or across the country, car seats are always a necessity when kids are riding in your car. Any child under 4’ 9” should ride with some type of car seat or booster seat to ensure that he or she will be safe in the event of a car accident. There are many different brands and styles of car seats for kids of different ages, but you can narrow down your search for the right seat with some basic guidelines for the type of seat needed for each age group.

Infants and toddlers will need to ride in a rear-facing seat until about two years of age. Once your child graduates from the rear-facing weight or height limit, you will want to transition to a forward-facing seat with a harness. Finally, children should be seated in belt-positioning booster seats until they are tall enough to use the seatbelt property—typically between the ages of 8 and 12. With each of these seats, your child should always ride in the backseat with the LATCH system or seatbelt securing the seat.

To be sure that you are following the right car safety guidelines for your child, connect with Lee’s Summit Physicians at (816) 524-5600. We also have offices in Raintree and Blue Springs, which can be reached at (816) 525-4700 and (816) 554-6520.

Meet Angie Stott, C-P.N.P.

Angie StottAngie received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Nebraska Methodist College in 1998 and her Master’s of Science in Nursing from NMC in 2005. She received her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Post-Master’s Certificate in 2010 from the University of Missouri Kansas City. Angie joined our staff as a Nurse Practitioner in 2010. Angie enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Summer Safety Advice for Kids

Summer Safety for Kids in Lee's SummitBefore kids head back to school this August, they will probably be spending lots of time playing outdoors and enjoying fun in the sun. To be sure that your child is safe during outdoor summer activities, you should share some seasonal safety rules that can reduce accidents and injuries all summer long. Below, you’ll see some simple tips to share with your child as he or she enjoys the long days of summer.

Always Wear a Helmet While Riding a Bike
Your child may be spending lots of time on his or her bike this summer, and it is important that he or she knows to always wear a helmet, even when riding just down the street. When you purchase a helmet for your child, you should check that it is well-fitted and designed specifically for bike riding.

Never Swim Unsupervised
In the heat of the summer, swimming is an alluring way to spend the day, but children should never be left to swim alone. If you have a pool at home, make sure that you have several safety measures in place to keep kids out of the water when adults aren’t around. You’ll also want to be sure that your child knows that swimming is not allowed unless an adult is around to supervise.

Keep Skin Covered with Sunscreen and Protective Clothing
Sunburns can happen with clear skies and on cloudy days, so your child should always put on sunscreen as part of his or her routine. Protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses are also essentials for sun protection.

Alert an Adult of Insect Bites
Insect bites and stings can not only be irritating, but they may also pose a risk for a number of illnesses or allergic reactions. You will want to teach your child to avoid insect nests and infested areas and to alert you or another trustworthy adult if stings or bites occur.

For urgent care, back-to-school checkups, and sports physicals that will keep your child healthy this summer, you can count on Lee’s Summit Physicians, Blue Springs Pediatrics, and Raintree Pediatrics for excellent care in your community. You can reach our offices by calling (816) 524-5600 in Lee’s Summit, (816) 554-6520 in Blue Springs, or (816) 525-4700 in Raintree.

Meet Tiffany Vitt, C-P.N.P.!

Tiffany VittTiffany obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in nursing from St. Luke’s College in 2009 and her Master’s of Science in Nursing from University of Missouri-Kansas City in June of 2014. Tiffany joined Lee’s Summit Physicians group as a staff nurse in 2009. In 2014, she began working as a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She chose the field of Pediatric Medicine because she is interested in how the human body works. She also loves working with children, so pediatric medicine was the perfect fit for Tiffany. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her husband and son.

See What Happens During a Prenatal Consultation

Your relationship with your pediatrician should begin well before your child is born, since you will want to plan your child’s newborn care, which takes place within 24 hours of delivery. Your first visit with the pediatrician will be a prenatal consultation. This visit typically lasts about 30-45 minutes, and you can get a closer look at what to expect during this visit by watching this video.

In this short clip, you can hear some common questions to ask your pediatrician such as his or her philosophy on breastfeeding, immunizations, and use of medication. You can also get a look at some of the key traits to look for in the office itself, such as the cleanliness and child-friendly environment.

If you are an expecting parent in Lee’s Summit, Raintree, or Blue Springs, you can find the care you need with Lee’s Summit Physicians, Blue Springs Pediatrics, or Raintree Pediatrics. We provide extended care hours and urgent care services to provide the right care for your child when he or she needs it most. To contact our offices, call (816) 524-5600, (816) 525-4700, or (816) 554-6520.

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